The Moises Emilio Reuben Story

This concerns a player named Emilio Moises Reuben, or more correctly Moises Emilio Reuben.

If you look him up on the internet (Wikipedia in particular) you find it says he was born in Vancouver on February 2, 1913. Then went on to become a star in Argentina with Velez Sarsfield and Independiente and others. Strange connection between Vancouver and Buenos Aires.

If born in Canada, could he have played for us.  Perhaps he didn’t play for Argentina because he was a Canadian? Look on the internet, particularly the Voyageurs website, and you find all sorts of comment.

Years ago I tried to look him up and find out how he went from Vancouver to Argentina, and gave up. But just recently I, along with Les Jones, tried again. I got some help from a relative in England who is a genealogist. She used the website and what she found was as follows.

Moises Emilio Reuben was born in Santa Tome, Argentina in Corrientes province of Argentina on October 18, 1911. No mention of Vancouver anywhere. In 1911 the Vancouver Sun was not publishing, but the Vancouver Province was. No mention of his birth in the Province. His mothers name was Eloisa Escalada and his father Humberto Reuben. Both Argentinian. No matter where Les or I looked his birthplace is recorded as Santa Tome.

So where, if at all, does Vancouver fit into this?

I asked Vancouver Public Library, and surprisingly Moises Emilio Reuben popped up. So it would seem that there is something to the Vancouver connection. So could it be that he was born in Vancouver, but his parents did not register his birth there, wanting him recorded as being born in Argentina. Or could it be that he was born on a ship in Vancouver harbor, a cruise ship perhaps. From Vancouver that ship could have continued down the coast to perhaps Peru or Chile and from some point the family caught a train over the mountains into Argentina?

Moises Emilio Reuben was killed in a traffic accident in downtown Buenos Aires on June 20, 1988.

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