A New Cup, More Money

Bob Koep

If you are wondering what’s all the international soccer action in China and the U.S. about, it is called the International Champions Cup.

This is a new tournament dreamt up by soccer entrepreneurs to get their hands on more money and give participating clubs another shot in the arm where previously the mid-summer doldrums produced nothing in revenue.

There are 17 clubs in the fold playing in three groups with most of the action in China and the U.S. There are six clubs from England’s Premier Division, ( Leicester, Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs ) three clubs each from Spain ( Real, Atletico and Barca) three from Italy (Inter, Milan, and Juventus), two from Germany (Bayern and Dortmund) and singles from France (PSG), Scotland (Celtic) plus the Australian champion Melbourne.

Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are hosting one group. Seven US cities are hosting another while single games go all over such as Australia (where Melbourne already beat Juventus) Ireland and Sweden and England.

But the key to the whole show is Television. A total of 204 out of 207 countries in this world have signed contracts to broadcast all the games, with TSN being the Canadian partner. You are looking at big-time money here and who cares whether the players lose their summer break.

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