Why is Canada not in Copa America?

By Bob Koep

In most publications and announcements regarding the upcoming Copa America you’ll never find the name Canada mentioned, and yet Canada was eligible to qualify but didn’t even get into any playoffs because of its low CONCACAF standing.
There was room for six CONCACAF teams to play in the Copa AMERICA tournament and the ones qualified were selected by rating or play off.
The US (as Host) qualifies automatically. Mexico is the Gold Cup winner and qualifies.
Jamaica is the Caribbean Cup winner and gets a slot while Costa Rica won the Copa Centroamericana to qualify.
That leaves two slots for four team in a playoff.
Based on Gold Cup results, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Cuba are next in the rating and qualified for playoffs for the last two berths.
Haiti beat T&T while Panama beat Cuba to snatch the last two spots in the tournament.
Canada is rated Number ten in CONCACAF ranking and is listed behind No 8 Cuba and No 9 El Salvador and missed its chance.
Still, Canada is represented in the tournament with Joe Fletcher being named as an assistant referee.

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