by Daniel Karell
LuisFigoFIFAPresidentialCampaign1 (Getty)

If Luis Figo has his way, the World Cup could look more like today’s iteration of the NCAA Tournament in men’s and women’s college basketball.

Figo outlined some of his campaign promises at a media event in Wembley Stadium on Thursday, and some of his proposals included a World Cup taking place on two continents as well as increasing the funding for smaller nations.

“Both these options are feasible with an extra three to four days of tournament play,” Figo said, via BBC Sport. “If this expansion were to take place I believe that additional teams should come from non-European nations. We not only make sure that we include more countries from across the world, but also enable Fifa to raise significant increased revenues that can be used to invest in the growth of the game globally.”

The former Portuguese international, who is one of four candidates running for the FIFA presidency, proposed that the World Cup could be increased to 40 teams, or have a group stage phase with 24 teams on one continent and 24 teams on another before the knockout phase commences together on one continent.

Figo’s idea of increasing funding is to get rid of FIFA’s $1 billion plus in reserves and distribute that money through grassroots soccer programs

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