The Best Kept Secret


Bob Koep

While the Soccer World Cup is the biggest sporting spectacle on this planet, the current FIFA World Club Cup is probably the best kept secret In sports.

Nobody writes about it, nobody appears to know about it and, apparently, nobody cares about it.

The event is staged in Morocco and is already at the semi final stage, the two semis being staged Tuesday, Dec 16  and Wednesday, Dec 17.

But don’t expect to catch them on TV because nobody carries them. But if you are looking for these games you can catch them on your computer internet.

The “World Club Cup” has the six regional champions competing along with a representative of the host country.

In years gone by only the champions of Europe and South America played a head-on game for the bragging rights of being the top club in the world.

But FIFA wants to make another global tournament out of it and so far has bombed out. They tried it in Japan and now it is Morocco’s turn. There are such illustrious teams such as Moghreb Tetuoan of Morocco and El Setif of Algeria, Auckland City of New Zealand and  Western Sydney Wanderes of Australia. Cruz Azul, CONCACAF champion from Mexico is the only team among the also runs capable of making some noise.

Fortunately these minnows have started the tournament without the big teams ( and without being noticed) and have already eliminated each other while the big name teams, Real Madrid and San Lorenzo of Argentina have not yet even arrived.

So for the semifinals we have Cruz Azul of Mexico vs Real Madrid of Spain on Tuesday, Dec 16 and the other leg has minnow survivor Auckland City meeting San Lorenzo Wednesday, Dec 17.  San Lorenzo, a suburb of Buenos Aires, is the Copa Libertadores winner.

The final for the global crown goes Sunday, Dec. 20 at 2.30 pm EST at the 45.000 capacity Marakkesh stadium. You can certainly expect Real Madrid and San Lorenzo to face each other but at this time it is not possible to find out whether anybody is carrying the game on TV. But you can always rely on your internet to catch the action.

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