Canadian Soccer Association and Garnier-Ombrelle team up with new partnership


27 May 2013

The Canadian Soccer Association announced on Monday 27 May a new long-term partnership with the leading lifestyle brand Garnier-Ombrelle. With this partnership, Garnier-Ombrelle becomes the official sun protection partner of the Canadian Soccer Association as both organizations team up to protect and educate Canadian youth.

The Garnier-Ombrelle and Canadian Soccer Association partnership will include an exclusive sun protection partnership with recognized programs and events including Canada’s National Teams, the Amway Canadian Championship, National Club Championships and Active Start Soccer Fests over the next 3 years. The Garnier-Ombrelle partnership will also extend its support to local community soccer events where sun safe areas, samples and sun education will be provided to youth and their families.

“The Canadian Soccer Association is thrilled to join forces with Garnier-Ombrelle in encouraging sun safety for soccer participants, both on and off the field”, said Peter Montopoli, General Secretary, Canadian Soccer Association. “The support of a major lifestyle brand such as Garnier-Ombrelle is key for the development of our sport, from grassroots to National Teams, and we look forward to continue to grow the beautiful game in our country through this new partnership.”

“This is a unique opportunity for Garnier and Ombrelle brands to team up with the Canadian Soccer Association, Canada’s governing body for the sport of soccer, to promote being active and protected while under the sun,” says Frank Kollmar, Vice President – Consumer Products Division of L’Oreal Canada. “This multi-year partnership will be a very busy and exhilarating time for us.”

The partnership announcement was made on Monday on the pitch at Varsity Stadium Field in Toronto, kicking off Canada’s Women’s National Team week-long preparation for its rematch against the USA on Sunday June 2, 2013 in Toronto, ON.

“The members of Canada’s Women’s National Team are phenomenal role models for youth in terms of their achievements in athletics, and also in their use of sun protection. With National Sun Awareness Week around the corner, Ombrelle is bringing important knowledge to families across the country with this partnership, and ensuring that sunscreen is worked into daily routines from an early age. Integrating a sun protection routine with kids forms positive habits that are carried through to later years, and helps to reduce the harmful effects of the sun,” Dr. Sonya Cook, (Dermatologist) Compass Dermatology Toronto.

Garnier-Ombrelle wants to make a lasting impression on ‘soccer loving’ youth by shedding light on the important subject of encouraging the integration of sun protection into their routine early on – building good habits for years to come. With the added sun exposure come some sobering statistics from the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation:

  • One in every three cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer, 80-90% of which are caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation;
  • Over 80,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Canada each year, more than 5,000 of which are melanoma, the mostly deadly form of skin cancer.

Ombrelle is the #1 recommended sun care brand by physicians, pharmacists, paediatricians and uses Mexoryl technology, a patented sun filter, that is the #1 recommended filter by Canadian dermatologists. It is recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association and is making large strides to score big with close to one million soccer families and participants across Canada. From the communities that participate in the Canadian Soccer Association’s internationally renowned Active Start Soccer Fests, a grassroots soccer celebration for youth ages 5-10, to Canada’s National Teams that represent Canada on the International stage, Garnier Ombrelle supports athletics at all levels, and is devoted to educating sports enthusiasts of all ages about daily sun protection. The brand will become the title sponsor of the Active Start Soccer Fests program in early 2014, and has also provided sun care kits to all members of Canada’s Women’s National team.

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