Peter T. Johnson (Jan 19, 1935 – Feb 22, 2013)


There are many people who we meet on our journey – some we will not remember and others we will never forget for the influence they have on our lives.  Mr. Peter T. Johnson was one of those we will never forget.

Peter began refereeing in England in 1952.  Between 1966 and 1969, he was an Assistant Referee and Referee in the Football League, an Assistant Referee for the European Cup, 4th Official for the England versus France match in 1968, was a Referee Director for the South East London League and had received an FA Coaching Award.

When he came to Canada in 1969, he continued his development as a Referee and involvement as an Administrator.  He believed strongly in the importance of Referees helping each other and founded the OSRA Branch in Windsor, Ontario.  By 1971, he was elected President of the Ontario Soccer Referees’ Association and served in that capacity for 2 terms.  In that same year, Peter was appointed to the Referee List of the North American Soccer League (NASL).

Within the next two years, Peter was appointed a National Staff Instructor by the Canadian Soccer Association, a Staff Instructor for the NASL and appointed a National Referee by the CSA.

In 1974, Peter T. Johnson was appointed to the F.I.F.A. Referee List, appointed a member of the CONCACAF Instructors Panel and officiated at the U16 World Cup competition.

Peter was appointed to be part of the officiating team for the Gold Medal Game at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.  In total, he was appointed to 15 International Games, with 11 of those appointments as the Referee.

His involvement in the game continued after he retired as an on-field official in 1983, with participation in the OSRA as Education Director.

In 1996, the Canadian Soccer Association presented Peter T. Johnson with the CSA’s International Achievement Award.  In 2000, Peter was inducted into the US Soccer Hall of Fame receiving the prestigious, “Pearsonian Award”.  He was an Honorary Life Member of the Ontario Soccer Referees’ Association.

It is clear that the strength we have as a Referee Association is a no small part due to the efforts and influence of Peter T. Johnson, a leader and a good friend.  We will miss him.

The Ontario Soccer Referees’ Association

“In the morning and in the setting of the sun, we will remember them”

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